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my guess is bergeron will have to "pay his dues", first time nominee and all. to be honest, i was surprised at the stat i saw on nhl tonight, bergy was only credited with 5o-something takeaways this year. i've seen him get 6 or 7 in a single game, so i don't know how accurate this stat is. daytsuk has been credited with 90-something. i realize this is a small part of the overall game, because as we all know watching bergeron night in and night out, he does ALL THE LITTLE THINGS that don't show up on the stat sheet (taking away passing lanes, ect). all that being said, i hope he wins the award, he is most certainly deserving. my guess is he doesn't care right now, he wants to win the cup! AGAIN!!!!!!
Posted by adkbeesfan

ADK, some of the stas-keepers are brutal. T%he Bruins/Wings game this year was a great example. I satrted a thread after the 2st period after seeing Bergeron on the ice against Datsyuk head to head. Bergeron made 2 big hits(including 1 on Datsyuk) and stripped the puck from Datsyuk. When the shift was over, the official scorer gave Bergeron no credit for either hit and there was no takeaway given to Bergeron and no giveaway credited to Datsyuk, who was credited with 2 hits that shift. Obviously the statistician felt that Bergeron hitting Datsyuk was really the other way around......ridiculous. As soon as I saw that shift I thought, no wonder Bergeron can't win against this guy. The stats-keepers have no semblance of consistency.