It was good to see that emotion after his goal. He's just about the only one that I trust to know what needs to change and to have the ability to do something about it.

Krejci will NOT lead any team ever. He needs someone else out front leading the way so that he can play the (unexpectedly good) supporting 2nd line role. 

Seguin will obviously be in the lineup and will play on the power play, but, as has been the case all year, he should also take a few shifts from Horton on Krejci's line (because Horton has played terribly), or a few of Rex's shifts with Bergy when there is an offensive zone faceoff and Rex needs a rest.

And Tomas Kaberle has to finally, somehow, find a way to contribute. You'd have to think that the odds are the Bruins will finally get a few breaks to go their way in the next 2 games. I hope it results in an early 5 goal lead because anything less ain't gonna hold up.