Best analysis I've read so far

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    Re: Best analysis I've read so far

    Seems like Boston had this game plan going in, but concentrated too much of defensive shut-downs as opposed to a killer forecheck and neutral zone bashing as a better means of preventing scoring chances. It turned towards ^this above during the 2nd period of Game 2, and most of Game 3.

    The Bruins are figuring out VAN. It would've been nice if the Bs could sneak away with one of those away games while they wrapped their minds around the best gameplan, but VAN squeaked by and got the wins (to their credit).

    I don't see how VAN can respond if Boston continues to play this way. Call it Bruins hockey, the Chicago method or are spot-on that it works.
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    Re: Best analysis I've read so far

    In Response to Best analysis I've read so far:
    [QUOTE]Courtesy of another poster named Felix on another board.  So spot on: Vancouver is not a hard team to figure out at all. Every team that plays them should either call up chicago and ask them for advice or just watch vancouver play chicago the past 3 years. you can destroy vancouver if 1) you forecheck the hell out of the sedins, you let them run around free they score, you bump them and hit them they cower away 2) get physical with kesler and agitate him, his play is getting physical with other players, when they physical game is brought to him, he is no where as effective 3) SHOOT MID TO HIGH GLOVE ON LUONGO ALWAYS, that glove is just huge, he is not good with it though and his glove hand is slow. 4) put anyone in front of luongo at the net (everyone knows this) but you saw what boston did to him last night, 4 goals were probably screens on luongo.    the most general and important point is that you have to take the physical game to them and not let them dictate it. you start lighting up the sedins and kesler they are way off their game and get frustrated and take bad penalties. thats what chicago always does, those two teams completely hate each other and it gets nasty on the ice, and the hawks fully take advantage of it, other teams should too.
    Posted by ipot[/QUOTE]
    So, in a nutshell, his advice is to outhit Van and get traffic in front of Luongo. That is quite a plan although I think it's one that is utilized by every coach and every team. I think he forgot to mention that you also need to avoid turnovers......

      GO BRUINS!!!!!!!     3 MORE WINS!!!!!!!!!!