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Big Questions Bruins Fans??????????????

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    Big Questions Bruins Fans??????????????

    I live in Southern Ontario and always like the city of Boston sports team.
    I am big Boston fan growing up watching Don Cherry days and Bobby Orr days.
    Baseball was fav. sport to play in my youth days and watching today Yaz Fisk Rice etc. were the ones who turn me into a Sox fan in the seventies.
    The Celtics of the rival Lakers/Celtics The Bird, Parrish etc. made me a big basketball fan.
    The Patriots sorry I am a Viking fan another story.
    (1) My question towards the Boston fans living in the Mass. area is it more  frustrating seeing all the sports team being Champs in the last decade and not the Bruins.Undecided
    Especially the Sox two big signings, at least Celtics made some interesting moves for experience and off bench help now the Patriots are looking like Super Bowl contenders.Money mouth

    Then our Bruins just sits back and waits and waits and waits to make a big move.I do not consider the Chara signing a big move or Savard. The only positive is our future prospects but i do not want to wait any longer. I want the Bruins to be big contenders today.YellYell

    (2) For all Bruins fan who will make a good new coach for us?
    I am thinking of Denis Savard could get some offense from our talent but we need go and get another sniper ASAPMoney mouth along with a coach. I also thought of mouthy Milbury he would not put up with the bruins being pansies. Or even give Nolan a shot but he is my third choice.
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    Re: Big Questions Bruins Fans??????????????

    Ive often wished that the Bob Kraft would buy the Bruins Franchise and that KG Would sit on the B's Bench as asst. coach and Just scream at the Bruins to try and get them to play with the same passion you see out of the celts.