The Globe has an interesting mindless summer exercise of reviewing the worst contracts in Boston sports history. Normally these articles are pretty thin, but there's actually a good recap of each situation. For the Bruins, they've included Carey, Kluzak, Coffey, Stevens, Zhamnov, Sturm, Iafrate, and Lapointe.

Your take?

Not surprising there are a lot of 1995-2003 players in there. I would maybe add in Raycroft and might even throw in Thornton to stir the pot. With great talent comes great responsibility, and it simply didn't happen here and one could argue it's not happening in San Jose, either. Could make a case for Joe Juneau after such a strong start, and maybe even throw in Hamill. Can't recall a higher draft pick that got leapfrogged by so many others. When Byron Bitz makes more of his chances, you know you're in rare company.

Can we have a special category for Sinden?