BioSteel Camp

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    BioSteel Camp

    2011 skaters: Mike Cammalleri, Tyler Seguin, PK Subban, Paul Bissonnette, David Clarkson, Andrew Cogliano, Matt Stajan, Daniel Winnik, Raffi Torres, Ryan Ellis, Nik Antropov, Brendan Smith, Mike McKenzie, Greg Stewart, Jay Harrison, Tyler Cuma, Jason Wilson, Nail Yakupov, Alex Galchenyuk, Steven Stamkos, Stephen Weiss, Wojtek Wolski, Jeff Skinner, Steve Downie, James Neal, Cody Hodgson, Chris Tanev, Peter Holland, Spencer Abbott, Cameron Gaunce, John Mitchell, Mike Neal, Brandon Burlon, Ethan Werek, Chris Terry, Matt Beleskey

    Wonder who will be there this summer? Players swear by it. Anyone have info?
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    Re: BioSteel Camp

    Expect the same group.

    The workouts and scrimmages are at St. Michael's College School in mid-town Toronto.

    I plan on going this year. Pictures and video to come in July.