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    Re: Blackhawks

    In response to TheGuyWithDaThing's comment:

    Bruins 2008-2009 = Peaked way too soon and exited in the 2nd round

    Bruins 2011-2012 = Peaked way too soon and exited in the 1st round

    The 2010-2011 Bruins never really peaked or go too low....they had a solid 6-0 road trip where they played well, but didn't dominate from what I recall, and that's the closest they got to peaking in the regular season.

    Teams generally capture their best chemistry just once in a season. And while the 13-2-2 record would suggest that they've peaked....I don't think anyone feels that they have. They've just played solid, consistent hockey, and have a goalie playing really well right now, giving them a chance to win in all but 1 game (which the skaters left him hanging out to dry).

    I like the B's chances this year.

    Great post!

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    Re: Blackhawks

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    Crawford has really impressed me allot this year. I don't know who Chicago's goalie coach is or even if they have one but something has changed. I know a goalies stats can look real good on a puck possesion team like the Hawks (See Niemi 2010) but 1.65 GAA and a .933 SV% is damn good, so Corey gets some credit.

    To Hangs point though- How many times has San Jose looked like they were the team to beat during the regular season over, say, the last 5 years ?

    and also lest see if Chiacgo can go through a rash of injuries like other teams have already...

    CRAWFORD injured. Had to leave game last night.

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    Re: Blackhawks

    In response to BsLegion's comment:

    Kind of tainted when you only play your Conferences.

    Are they really the best NHL team ?  Which Conference is stronger ? Just cannot answer these questions this season since teams only get to play against their own Conference .

    This is exactly it. I am sure at least a couple of Eastern teams would have likely beaten them by now. Not every team in the East is CBJ, CGY, EDM, or COL.....

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    Re: Blackhawks

    Rowdy Ray Emery part of this too. I remember seeing Crawford shelled in an Icehogs game a few years ago.