Bob Ryan/Racism in the NHL

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    Bob Ryan/Racism in the NHL

    No need to comment.  It is a rant.  FYI only.

    Today I was deeply offended by listening to Bob Ryan dialog on Racism in Sports a segment of Michael Holley's Black History Month production on CSNNE.  The excerpt is below. .  

    Anyway, I like to believe only a few are racist today in the 21st century.  Naive, yet considering the fact racism is not confined to a particular racial group in our society and evident in all races of people in the USA, I am welcomed to comment. NOW, when Bob Ryan singles out the NHL as racist for a media spike on the show, well I object.  I am not a racist like many in our society who enjoy the Canadian sport of hockey.  Secondly, since when does the Basketball Sports monger like Ryan have the right to bash the NHL players and fans alike without a comparison to what is said in the NFL, NBA, and MLB without giving specifics.   His generalized remark of racism in the NHL should have had some research.   He should also have a good idea what many fans and players think of the racially charged remarks both in the stands and on the ice are generally received in the the NHL. He has no clue.  Furthermore someone should inform him that the players like Malcolm Subban is an african Canadian not an African American.  I wonder how he generally feels about RGII being labeled as not "black" enough, or what racial slurs are made inin the NFL in the offensive and defensive lines to gain a competitive edge.  What a media hack!

    Thanks for listening as I feel better.  Sorry but Holley and Peter Roby should have rejected his premise.  Max and Felger are what NA society feels about Sports....both joust each other on Basketball and Hockey without any hint of racism.  Now that is refreshing.  


    "Opportunities abound and and and -- dominated by by black people. Baseball -- is -- the sport where they're dying to attract. Black players they would welcome more black players but let's talk about what no white person. Good he should be so we Motley naive ridiculously naive as to think that would that would -- racial society when we look at the National Hockey League with a hockey -- not because for this reason you think that any black player in that league and he has we will tell you will that. The the these words and stuff that yelled at him and has been yelled over the years in different places he's played clean right now now -- And -- the few black players at the -- all can tell you about what it means to be by permanently now and I think all hockey fans racist no way of saying that there's a lot of people out there that like the idea that this sport is how we're a sport and you know -- the invasion of -- -- Parcells in in European soccer. You know there's still things coming up and then this week about players still being taunted with racial epithets and all I saw. And we still have work to do no doubt about."

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    Re: Bob Ryan/Racism in the NHL

    It's been my experience that it's more prevalent in the south where they have a stubborn segment of the population that can't let go of the pre-civil war attitudes.  And even worse, they indoctrinate their children to view people of color in a sub-human way.

    This a good documentory about just that.  My buddy recently urged me to watch it when we got into an intense discussion about reverse racism and the current political climate.  I think we all need to be especially sensitive to black racism just for the simple fact that it's very different than any other kind of racism because of its origin.


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    Re: Bob Ryan/Racism in the NHL

    Mentally disturbed liberals find racism in anything and everything.........


    I thank god there still a sport left for middle size white guys!

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