The red light behind Thomas did not trigger but Price is feeling like a road crew worker in the middle of August hope he wore some sun block last night. I work the afternoon shift last night but watch the repeat when I got home.

The Bruins were discipline and simple hockey just what they (Bruins) need with the play-offs around the corner. The game last night show me that the Bruins can play hockey when they want, the victory last night will hopefully get the 3 B's in play-off contention. The PP is still something the team will need to work on and stay out of the sin bin. Our Bruins already showed they are a tough physical team which is great but do not get stupid when they are behind by getting undisciplined this is not the time to do it. Play-offs mean simple, consistent, forecheck, go to the net, hit /finishing the checks and shoot the puck.

my new cheer" is boom boom out goes the light"