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    BOS & PVD

    Cannot wait for tomorrow night and start of another NHL season for the Bruins. This team appears to be rock solid across the board with a couple of new faces to keep things fresh. They will be tough to beat and should provide an exciting watch from either a seat in TD Garden or via NESN.

    The boys down in RI should be a fun bunch to follow as well with promising young players like Spooner, Fraser, Knight, Khokhlachev, Lindblad, Miller, Morrow, Trotman and Svedberg on the roster. I am already checking the calendar to find a date when I can head down to catch a game with my younger son - BOGO Sunday tix are a really good deal!

    Quick question : has anyone watched streamed or archived games via AHL Live? $3.99 for an archived game seems a cost-effective way to keep an eye on the prospects, if the video is decent.

    "Keep your stick on the ice!"


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    Re: BOS & PVD

    I have the announcers are horrible and typically it's only one camera which is choppy. I buy the multi-game packages because it's allot cheaper than buying single game. I hook my computer up to my TV to watch the games. OHL has packages as well.

    All in all being able to catch some farm games is fun for the price and convenience.