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Sad but it comes to reffing, I just hope it is true and fair, I realize there is going to be the odd shiite penalty, I just want the calls right. Of playoff teams, the B's had the 4th fewest minors, the fewest in the east, the habnots were 2nd most behind only Pit, so this should be similar. ya right! The B's were 2nd to Pit in majors, habs 8th. A very interesting stat B's had 5 bench minors(too many men) will this cost them this year, mon has 14. Please, let's see the best reffed games in decades, and let the teams decide. Keep 2 hands on the stick, the stick on the ice and there should be no stupid penalties. GOOOOOOOO BEEEEEEEEEEEEEE's
Posted by No4BobbyOrr-GOAT

Arg.  You just reminded me that I had a dream sometime over the past few days where I was here complaining about how the Canadiens had managed to win game one without taking a single penalty, and how that seemed like it couldn't possibly be right even if I didn't notice any missed calls.

I think my brain needs another shampooing.