Boumeester to StL

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    Re: Boumeester to StL

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    Good points, I just don't agree. He just botched the Iginla deal. He actually announced a chip in subban to be off the table, which is very concerning.



    A chip ? Look at what Calgary eventually got. Nothing in Pittsburgh's top 10 prospects.

    Some wanted to put the B's best prospect on the table for Iginla. I'm glad I get a chance to see the value of some of these prospects from up close. I see where PC is coming from when he made that comment about Subban.

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    Re: Boumeester to StL

    small world.  that goaler is on the team that Seguin played on in Switzerland.

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    Re: Boumeester to StL


    The funny thing is, nite, many people think most of the upper tier players are overpaid.  Who's not overpaid?  Crosby and Chara.


    If Bouwmeester is compared to Brian Campbell or Phaneuf, he's not overpaid.  The Habs are paying Markov $5.75M.  Is there anyone who wouldn't want their team to pony up the extra $800K to get Bouwmeester instead?   Matt Carle $5.5M, Mike Green $6.1M, Wiz $5.5M

    Looking at those guys, I say $6.6M for Bouwmeester is a fine deal.


    Great points! And I have to throw in there. Someone was going to pay J-Bo this money- that was a given. So, in that respect he's getting paid what the rate was for a D-man of his stature. Besides, Campbell & Subban I think he's one of the finest skaters at his position. As far as questioning his heart. How much heart can you put into it when you play for a consistently losing hockey club? He's played on 2. Wasn't Horton's heart questioned when he was a Panther? He did OK in his first play-off.