Boychuck 3 yr 3.36 per

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    Re: Boychuck 3 yr 3.36 per

    For anyone questioning this deal, think about how much you would love it if, right now, the Bruins could make a trade for a guy playing on the top defensive pairing on one of the top defensive (and overall) teams in the league, a hard hitter and shooter with size and a great attitude, a guy who just went on a long cup run playing big minutes.  And he only has a cap hit of 3 and a quarter.  Sometimes we don't appreciate our own, but would make a big trade to pick up someone doing the same thing for a lesser team.

    As far as Marc Savard coming back, that is not a concern at all.  First of all, the chances are almost nil.  But even if he did, the Bruins would have all kinds of options, because he doesn't have a no trade.  His deal is also one of the legacy deals that  was front loaded, so while he has a $4 mil cap hit, his actual salary is only $1 mil (or less?) for the last few years. That means some team looking to reach the cap floor might be happy to take on his contract. They wouldn't actually have to pay him much money but would not be penalized by the league. If no one wanted him, they could just send him to the minors. Again, he wouldn't be making much actual money so it's not like ownership would be mad about paying a guy a fortune to play in Providence. The move would get his cap hit off the NHL books though.
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    Re: Boychuck 3 yr 3.36 per

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    In Response to Re: Boychuck 3 yr 3.36 per :  I think its very managable to get under the cap with who we have to sign.
    Posted by lambda13

    That's the only point I was making - it's very manageable and there is likely only one player that doesn't get resigned. I am of the view that Kelly is more responsible defensively than Peverley. My basis for the pay raise for the 3rd/4th line guys is that guys from cup winning teams get resigned for higher $$$ (ex "skating clowns" of course).
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    Re: Boychuck 3 yr 3.36 per

     The entire corps of defensemen has looked pretty shaky of late. They are more exposed because we haven't been scoring goals and their defensive lapses are more apparent. Two games ago against the Nashville it was McQuaid with a 2-1 lead with 9+ minutes to go in the game getting caught up ice behind the net and Ference fanning on the tieing goal. Then McQuaid gets a stupid penalty, which we kill. Then he gets beaten and gives up the go-ahead goal on a wrap-around. Last night Chara gets caught behind the Rangers net handling the puck and that leads to the first goal of the night. There must have been at least 6 bad passes in our own zone that led to turnovers from Seidenberg, Ference, Corvo and Boychuk in the 1st period alone. How many two on ones have we seen of late? Way too many!
     As for Boychuk, I do think he plays hard but his talent looks really limited to me. He's not a very good skater. His outlet passes are usually just difficult-to-handle smashes around the boards. Last night he even fanned on one of those. A lot of the time he'll pin a guy against the boards but he won't play the puck and the second man in steals the puck and takes control of it. About his vaunted body checks, didn't anyone watch last night's game against the Rangers where his hip check got nothing but the boards? I think he's just really fortunate to be paired with Chara. As for decent defense, I thought the Rangers did a much better job of not giving up odd-man rushes and covering guys in front of the net. Our defense has looked sloppy to me and a lot of work needs to be done to tighten things up.