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Boychuck and ference were bad

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    Boychuck and ference were bad

    Did anyone else see how bad boychuck and ference were last night?  yet all you read about on here is kaberle as the problem.  I thought kaberle actually had one of his best games last night as a bruin, could still be better, but its a start. The penelty ference took, I don't even need to talk about how stupid that was.  The pinch by boychuck right after the bruins scored to make it 4 3, was something a pee wee hockey player knows not to do.  Heres to hoping that the bruins defense can play a little better or we could be heading to the golf course
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    Re: Boychuck and ference were bad


    2 worst

    Boych and Fer have been on for all 6 of TB's last 6 goals in the last 2 games.

    Boyc has been bad but Fer seems to be getting a free ride.

    Fer check on St.Louis on his winning goal was atrocious, with Rec skating along side him.

    These 2 need to step up big time.
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    Re: Boychuck and ference were bad

    with the exception of Z, Sides and TT, the defense has pretty much stunk.  If they don't setp up their game...tomorrow night will be a depressing game.
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    Re: Boychuck and ference were bad

    one thing the bruins need to make sure is NO GOALS ALLOWED WITHIN THE FIRST 2 MINUTES OF THE GAME !  How can this continue to happen.... I put this stat squarely on the coach.. I think its like 6 playoff games in these playoffs that a goal is scored against them in the first  1 minute of the game.  Isn t this lack of readiness and preparation.... I mean it didn t happen once or twice....On at least 3 of those goals, I saw that Boychuck is out there....Now what is Boychuck doing starting the game on defense when you have Chara ??? 
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    Re: Boychuck and ference were bad

    I half agree with you.

    Boychuck seems to get himself out of position a lot. Sometimes it ends in those highlight reel hits but more often than not he's just stuck in no man's land. He should pay more attention to Sides who is more likely to hold position rather than try to take the opponents head off.

    Where I disagree is on Ference. He's a reliable player and he's always there to stick up for his team mates. If his partner wasn't disappearing so much maybe he'd have more opportunity to concentrate on his own game.