Brad Richards (Eklund)

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    Re: Brad Richards (Eklund)

    If dallas is going to lose him at year end and hicks might/probably wont sell this season in time, why wouldn't they try to get some younger/cheaper guys that they control more as rfa's?  Why is that so hard to fathom to some?  Why do the tampa rays let go of and trade everyone under the sun?  Why did they trade Garza this offseason, same thing for stars.

    Would love richards here, get our world class goalie and defensman, a forward who can provide offense and you have the tri fector here.
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    Re: Brad Richards (Eklund)

    That's not necessarily true. The Bruins have one of the strongest prospect piles in the in the NHL.

    And if Richards were a sign and trade deal, sending Colborne, Spooner or night back is pretty reasonable actually if we were really lucky we could probably send a roster player like say Krejci, Colborne and a defenseman like Penner or Alexandrov, or maybe even Cross before he blows his knees out completely.  Given how far down the organizational depth chart Dallas is , they could lose Richards and still come out ahead.

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    In Response to Re: Brad Richards (Eklund) : Just because they're in the system, it doesn't mean they're any good, or good enough for the NHL.  Anytime you start listing AHL and CHL players, you're exposing an impressive lack of argument.
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