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Breaking down the Bruins PP

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    Breaking down the Bruins PP

    What is the real problem?  Is it personnel, game plan, or bad luck? If it's a combination, which one is most to blame. 

    Breaking it down further...

    how do you feel about breakout... 

    offensive zone entry...

    in zone set-up...

    What are your Bruins two units? 

    I don't have stats, but I would love to know how many "golden" opportunities (shots vs. quality shots) do the B's get per powerplay as compared to other teams.  This would help with the "luck" factor. 

    I would also like to know more about 5-on-3 chances as teams get inflated PP stats due to simply having more 5-on-3 chances than other teams. 
    For example, if the B's had 9 five-on-three chances and scored on 6 of them, would the powerplay be an isssue as their overall pp percentage would skyrocket?

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    Re: Breaking down the Bruins PP

    Luc, I feel it starts out with a slow breakout which in turn, leads to poor entry or dump ins. They need to find ways to create more speed through the neutral zone.