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Breathe & relax

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    Re: Breathe & relax

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    I remember when Boston lost those Cup finals to EDM back in the day and thought, well heck, the better team won. The off-season felt fine. I was proud of the team and proud to be a fan. If Tampa wins this series, how are we going to feel? It's one thing to make it to the ECF and to feel good about that, but it's another thing to see how they lost Game 4 and to know, deep down, that it shouldn't have happened. It's only 2 losses and a series win will erase all memories of it. I'm optimistic that will happen. But I guess at this point I want the wins to be earned by either team, not gift-wrapped. Too late in the season for such nonsense, and if Boston drops this one we'll all be thinking of Game 4 and it will not be a good feeling.
    Posted by asmaha

    There's no doubt it's frustrating to see them repeat the same mistakes. We don't know what--if anything--CJ said between periods 1 and 2, but I would HOPE it was along the lines of "guys--we've been here b4....there's 40 mins. of hockey left and if we don't keep the pressure on them, it's gonna spell trouble."

    Based on what we saw in periods 2 and 3 he either didnt say that or they didnt get the message.

    STILL.....this is a 2-2 series. If momentum from one game to the next was everything logic dictates the B's should have won game 4 going away. But Game 5 is a fresh sheet of ice. If the Bruins play the way they did yest. the series is likely over (tho' you never know), but if they shake it off, come back w/a vengeance, then they're going back up 3-2 to Tampa knowing they're one of the best road teams --usually--in the NHL, and can wrap upthe series.

    Bottom line as I see it: whoever wins game 5 takes the series,...and if the B's do, the collapse of game 4 will be quickly forgotten.
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    Re: Breathe & relax

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    Sure they blew this one but they did what they had to at least one in TB...we got the home ice back....s(hit)'s not the end of the world....yet (6:00pm)! They'll be and's one game and it's TB's series to lose.
    Posted by mattman1447

    Agreed ! Fans have to take a deep breathe ! We cannot win 4-0 all the time !

    Bruins in 6, That's it !
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