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    $Millions under the cap..4-32 on the PP...record number of shutouts in the worst scoring month in team history (5 shut outs)...and what do the Bruins do?

    Add a 39-year old with  4 goals all season who CLEARED WAIVERS  through the entire league just hours earlier.

    Bruins deposit several $Million right to Jacobs bottom line (money that would have paid for Nash and a legitimate Top 4 D man) AND the Bruins raise tiicket prices massively.

    Chiarelli is on Fast Track to Upper Management in Jacobs enterprises.

    But this team really should score an occasional Goal.
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    Re: Brilliant!

    You do realize that the Bruins score the second most times in the league, right? And that the Bruins would have to give up something in order to get those things that you want?
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    Re: Brilliant!

    Are you sure? I thought CBJ was going to hand over Nash for Hamill, Corvo and Pouliot. You know, 3-for-1.
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    Re: Brilliant!

    PC was correct to hang on to the prospects - they're good ones.  The team will right itself.  Claude will adjust the lines.  The new/old guys will find their niche.

    Lucic Krejci Seguin
    Marchand Bergeron Sauve
    Pouliot Kelly Rolston
    Paille Campbell Thornton

    Chara, McQuaid, Seidenberg, Ference, Zanon, Mottau (pairings I don't know)

    After all of his chatter, Corvo had his last shot last night, in my book.