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TryToBearIt , You may be right this is not a Stanley Cup contender but if you recall last season the way it went down I didn't think they could make it to 2nd round and then just like magic a bunch of these players stepped in. Totally man handled the Sabres and if it weren't for Krejci's injury, Thomas hip and no center to step in the place of Krejci they would have won against the Flyers. Stepping in should've been Savvy just was not healthy enough and Whitfield just doesn't cut it.  I would like to think that this season they would be better prepared at center if something like that were to happen. The same can go for the Habs,  besides Halak,  you had guys lighting it up on the score board to give their keeper that cushion. Nobody would have thought the Habs going to the Conference final the way they made it into the playoffs. All this to say that there's a reason why people say the playoffs is another season, a different beast ,  anything can happen ,  just make it in.  You just cannot predict what team will be in the playoffs therefore not being a Stanley cup contender now can completely change come the playoffs. BB good read .  I think the bear is hibernating,  come spring time that's another story when it awakes.  I just hope the little bear in them is good enough to get them in a good position till the big bear awakes. Tha might explain the 60min thing.  BB does it stand for BooBoo Bear .  LOL I think your from the Ottawa area and I know for a fact that Ottawa fans cannot stand Bob Cole and his homerism , I think that's why he's not doing the Leafs games as much.  I remember him in those playoff years Sens-Leafs ,  not only was he bias but half the time he didn't know what he was talking about.  I loved how an Ottawa radio station would make fun of all his calls. Funny stuff.
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It's hard to explain last year's lightning in a bottle come playoff time. I thought they'd be out in 6 against Buffalo at best, but w/Rask turning in a Dryden and others suddenly playing great they won...and yes, had Krejci not broken the wrist vs. Philly in game 4 I believe they win that series too...


relying on that "just make the playoffs" attitude and expecting/hoping/thinking the same will happen again is asking for trouble. It won't happen again, and depending on it is a mistake.

Whether it's the coach, an over-estimation of the current abilities of the guns like Horton/Looch, etc., or Savvy needing way more time than any of us realize to get his mojo back, this team has to be judged on what we see game in and game out--and what we've seen is a team that if not for several--more, really--game-saving performances by TT, would probably be on the outside looking in at a playoff spot. As is, they're only clinging to the "in" b/c the drop-off from 8 to 9 in the conference is so pronounced (unlike last season, which should tell you something about the difference this year.)

I'm telling you with 100% certainty that if major changes are not taken in either the roster make up and/or the coaching, if this team faces ANY of the current top 4 in round 1, they will be mincemeat.

Hoping for another "whoa! where did THIS team come from?" as we did last year, is a bad, bad, way to go. Last year was an amazing for a reason--amazing things are rare and don't happen often.