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    The Bruins have been thur a very bad few days. The Iggy middle finger to us and the organistion, the ugly loss to the hated Habs, then a no effort loss to Plilly. NO one is going to tell me the Bruins are not hurting. The Bruins have lost to Pens in trades and during the regular season and have continued to spiroll since.

    I see a team in steap decline with not much hope to improve even with some Help fom PC, who is not to blame for this lack of what this team needs to do or should JC be blamed. These guys on this team are souly to blame and should take a good look at themselves and seek if they have given their best to the Bruins and their fans. The IGGY snub hurts but this is no reason for a team to tank but only to be angry and play better, I did not see this today and as fans we deserve better from the Bruins but not all have given up on the Bruins.

    There is still time for this team to smarten up and I hope so just to get back at Iggy and the Pens, but this team has to be angry and get a whole lot better for themselves and we the fans, trades or not. The way they are playing is not exceptable.

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    You are right my spelling is poor and you got your point across and I Deserve it but at least I try to get my point across but will try to do better. A harsh but stern lesson to be learned and thank you for putting me in the right direction no matter how harsh it was.

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    Once again Fluto is off line. ONe] The Flyers put their 5 best players to tightly check the Bergeron line all day. That left Kreji's line open, but they didn't finish.Two] Starting in the first period was the poorest period ever played by Chara. He mishandled the puck, poor passes, just about everything wrong. 3] boychuck came back too soon, and pairing him with Johnson proved to be wrong. The 3rd line had some moments, not many, but the 4th line continues to see zero contribution from Thornton as he skates in circles

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    Deflated I agree, could be from alot of things and Im sure it will get corrected, I wonder if the players are thinking,PC bring some help too and the Iggy thing  along with the deadline coming is affecting them now. There a team thats lost there confidence from one end to the other. Ive seen it before and ive also seen them come out of it with good results.