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    With all the hupla leading up to this 1st CF matchup and every hockey expert in Hockey handing this series to the Pens, our Bruins did themslves and every Bruin fan everywhere proud. I would like to see when the last time a Bruins team shut out a Pens team if ever, but never in the playoffs.

    The begining of the 1st was hard but after we scored and became more phyiscal we took over throwing them off their game. It was great to see Iggy not much of a factor and Rask came up large, Kratch and Horts score big goals but Jagr and his line had plenty of chances and will come thur soon. The Bruins have not beat the Pens this bad in a long time and have their top players questioning themselves. Pevs, Kelly and the hard hitting Segs are also due.

    The Bruins are playing well and now know how to beat these so called high flying Pens and nothing would be better than to see the B's win game 2 coming back to Boston Strong. After their comments on twitter and Cookes cheapshot on McQuid the Bruins have plenty of motive to win game 2, the only bomb will be the Pens bombing out to the Bruins, so GO BRUINS BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am a very proud Bruins fan today.  Lets not forget how much the Bruins dominated the Leafs in game 1 and how much they elevated their play in game 2.  Pens are a much better team, Rask will need to continue his outstanding play.  Game 2 will be huge for the series.  Go Bruins.

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    In response to StanleyCuptotheBruinsin2011's comment:

    I said before game 1 that whoever would win game 1 would win this series...


    Hopefully, not the kiss of death for the Bruins considering your track record.