Bruins EXISTING D depth

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    Bruins EXISTING D depth

    Mquaid returning is similar to the addition of a depth D they seem to do every year.  If that's all that happens, who sits? Barkowski or Miller?  I'd prefer Bartkowski as I really like Miller.

    If they do infact trade for a D that will play, and both of the above mentioned D sit, I'm not impressed with the names floating around.

    are Phillips/Mezaros/Stuart etc. worth the inflated demand they will get? Maybe.  But are these rentals worth the upgrade vs what we already have? i doubt it.



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    Re: Bruins EXISTING D depth

    I don't disagree entirely...I prefer Miller over Bart too, but, problem is if another D get hurt, then, we'll have a problem. I think by getting another strong D, the B's will have a police insurance....