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Both - go to the Peg Wednesday - hang out with the folks Thursday, go to the game Thursday night, fly out to Saskatoon Friday, go to the game, then spend the weekend with family in Saskatchewan before back to Van. Should be a great weekend.



I'm going to try to get off early Friday so I can try to make it to Saskatoon for the game. I hope to see you there. 



Dez, how long a drive is it? I won't be hard to find - shortish redhead wearing both Bruins and Jets gear.



Only 2 hours but I need work to be rained out in order to make it happen. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for you if I manage to get there. I'm praying for heavy enough rain on Thursday that Friday gets rained out too. So far the forecast is trying to help me out at least. I hope you enjoy yourself either way. Cheers!