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Bruins need a Lucic fight...

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    Bruins need a Lucic fight...

    AT HOME!!!!!

    His fights can inspire this team like no one else on the roster. And he can inspire the fans at the td bank north fleet center garden like no one else on this roster

    Komisarek. Bradley. Erskine (the second one, haha). Harrison. Neil.

    I would have a hard time believing this kid wont be wearing an A or C on his jersey in the near future and im looking for him, yes, the leader in points and goals on this team, to kick someones A S S at center ice and get the blood flowing in this team. he may have to do it all, folks.

    Bruins need to start playing at home with some authority. And i feel that lucic may be the only one left on this team that can provide a spark like that.
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    Re: Bruins need a Lucic fight...

    It is very simple get tougher and CJ will have mix up the lines ans send up mcgrattan, caron , collborne until xmas to send the mesaage. Sit wheels thornton and ryder .

    Lucic Krejci Horton
    Seguin Savy Bergy
    Marchand Campbell Caron
    Mcgrattan Colborne Rechhi