Bruins not using all cylinders

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    Bruins not using all cylinders

    A recent "operating on 7, not 8, cylinders indicated Bruins problems. They are still there, and will remain as long as Claude insists on using Thornton as a regular. Campbell is no longer capable of covering for his enthusiastic but skill challenged wing. Claude is also playing Rielly Smith in the wrong spot. Smith is a solid, speedy 3rd line dynamo, but he doesn't score like the 2nd line needs, causing Bergeron to shoot more, pass less, and try to be both offense and defense simultaniously. Claude needs to wake up and check his compass. He has more skill and resource than ever, and does not, as yet, use them effectively. big, bad defensemen need to be replaced by smarter and skilled defensemen like Bartkowski. Krug certainly has talent, as does Hamilton, but both are making mistakes that Bartkowski learned to avoid the last two years in Providence. Boychuck's name indicates toughness, but does not translate into smart thinking.

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    Re: Bruins not using all cylinders

    Sorry, bogie, but I don't agree that Bartkowski makes fewer of these mistakes even than Boychuk.  Smith's been a better offensive player than Marchand this year, and until last night's two point night, he had the most points of anyone on that line.  I don't think he's the problem, be he might be the solution to get the 3rd line buzzing again.

    The coach is doing what he always does: figure out the best arrangement of his players for what he wants his lineup to accomplish, then play the long game.  Ride out bumps like this one, if you could call two losses a bump.  Even serial killers aren't called serial killers 'til they've killed three.

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    Re: Bruins not using all cylinders

    Thought Bergeron had a great game last night. Might get a new look tonight though as Apooner has been called up.

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    Re: Bruins not using all cylinders

    I think what has hurt Smith the past few games offensively is Eriksson not being there. Those two know each other on the ice and now one is on the shelf for awhile. Bergeron hasn't been winning his one on one battles down low in the offensive zone which is not like him. Still don't think Patrice is 100%, even at 75% he is still effective...well cause he is still St. Patrice.

    Marchand is just not creating offense for himself or his linemates. He is now getting frustrated, he is in nomands land right and it is tough to watch. With Eriksson out the Bs need Brad quick.

    I think Spooner will be a shot in the arm. Me thinks it is a total waste of time to have Ryan in Providence now, he has nothing more to prove down in the AHL.



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    Re: Bruins not using all cylinders

    Good thoughts from some differring views which I hope this site returns to. I had not noticed the Smith/Eriksson compatability, perhaps because Eriksson has been slow to jell and is now sidelined. It's more obvious that Iginla is getting comfortable, but my frustration is coming from the confusion that fast teams [New Jersey] seem to be able to cause as Boychuck and even Chara[ though he was in the box] are slow to make passing decisions and move. Even noticing Chara's passes going to someone who is covered closely rather than open. I am mostly concerned with Campbell being off slightly, which limits his overall coverage including covering for Thornton. I am more supportive of Bartkowski because of his steadiness and quicker moves which are more consistent like Seidenberg, and show the learning process of the past two years. Certainly "sitting" isn't helping a 25 year old develop. Maybe a swap with Miller might help him to continue to progress. It will be interesting to see where Spooner, a natural center , will fit or maybe follow a Seguin path where the toughest problem will be along the boards.