Obviously we have the Thomas story but I'm kind of suprised by the moves so far. First, I like all the players who have re-signed. I'm glad Kelly is back and am shocked he didnt at least test the free-agent market after having a career year. I was almost certain he was gone.

I thought when they signed Bourque, that might have been the end for Paille. I was kind of hoping Chiarelli would address the top lines instead of the bottom two. I'm not talking about Parise or Nash, I'd welcome either one but don't think either are realistic, especially with TT's 5 million still on the cap and him not here.

I'd like to see Seguin moved to center, with the resignings of Kelly and Campbell that seems unlikely unless either Krejci or Bergeron are moved. Out of the two obviously Krejci is the more likely candidate.Though there is time, I just dont see it happening.
As for the re-signing of Thornton, I much rather would have liked to see a Caron,Knight or Spooner get their feet wet on the 4th line and I'd be willing to bet they would add more goals.

So, as the team stands right now, do you guys think this is it?