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Bruins Prospects in World Juniors

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    Re: Bruins Prospects in World Juniors

    I suspect that Marchand doesn't really mean "hatred" and he is just not a very articulate guy.  I remember during games trying to get in the hatred mentality because it may serve you well as a player, but really it is a stupid and rediculous thing to say.  You're playing a sport for starters.  And, you're playing against opponents that have practically everything in common with you, except the jersey you are wearing.  Does anyone doubt that if your mother had lived 300 miles to the south you wouldn't love the guys on your US team just as much as you love your current teammates (and "hate" your rivals)? 

    On the other hand, you can't really expect junior kids to have that perspective.  They are probably just as well off as young hockey players with simple, black and white mentalities.

    And to Bookboys point about Ellis, I have to say how impressed I was with both Ellis and Schenn in taking painful questions from the media after that loss with poise and sincerity.  That had to be tough for them, and they represented themselves with class, like most all Canadians you meet.
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    Re: Bruins Prospects in World Juniors

    Well said, Fletcher.

    "Hatred" was definitely "a stupid and ridiculous thing" to say in that interview.

    "Respect" should have been the Bluenoser kid's word of choice as Ron Wilson pointed out in that piece.

    Those Canadian kids will likely be hounded for answers from the Central Canadian media on how Canada "lost gold" last night possibly for the rest of their careers.  I suspect that Grapes will likely flag wave on his show on HNIC on Saturday and explain how "good Canadian kids" are still the best in hockey.

    Amid the media circus up here, it will be completely missed that there really were no superstars on the Canadian team, and that such a young, "blue collar" group of Canadian WJC players actually overachieved to accomplish as much as they did in winning silver.

    Congrats to Russian, Canada and the USA on their accomplishments during this tournament, but especially full credit to Russia on their win.

    Canada did not lose Gold.  Russia beat us.
    They are the WJC champs and one has to give them the respect that they deserve for that.
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    Re: Bruins Prospects in World Juniors

    lol the Russian kids got so drunk they were turned away from their flight home.