For everyones viewing pleasure. We are all B's fans afterall!


Lucic-really came into his own during the season. Fought legit takers and dominated more than a few.

McQuaid-tough as nails on the back end. God, I hope he is 100% for the next season.

Teammates looking after teammates-more than a few fights started with guys looking out for their teammates. Kudos.

Kelly-3 fights (and wins) from a guy who had not had a single match in 4 years. Starting to make me think he is worth the contract if he keeps it up.

Thornton and the Code-Shawn is one of the few who follow it. Almost to the letter which sometimes is not to his advantage.

Bos/Van rematch (Jan 07)-always a treat to watch 6 Nucks jump Thornton in pansy fashion, Horton fight Vans resident "tough guy", Lucic scare the pi** out of Burrows, and Weise bail on a fight offer from Shawn.


Chara v. Neil-if Z hadn't have fallen down it would have ended very differently, but he did.

Campbell-the league's punching bag. I look forward to 3 more years of this.

Thornton Overall-tough year for him. Not his best fight-wise.

MacDermid v. Rupp-no he is not Thornton's replacement