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Bruins Report Card..

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    Bruins Report Card..

    Tim Thomas-----A+ A number 1 goaltender has to steal you a game here and there. He's stolen many this year and really masked alot of problems. Last 2 games has faced over 90 plus shots...He can only mask it so much.

    Zdeno Chara----A- Plays tons of minutes versus the leagues elite. Recent players poll had him voted hardest player to play against.

    Milan Licic----A Leads B's in goals, finally healthy, when he plays physical the scoring chances go up.

    Patrice Bergeron--B  Would be an A but his play has slipped of late. Might have to do more with recchi's decline but needs to be more of an offensive force.

    David Krejci---B-  Once reunited with Horton and Lucic his game has steadily improved. Need him to be #1 center since Savard went down and he has answered the call.

    Gregory Campbell--B- solid player has been excellent on the penalty kill. Very nice aquisition, willing to drop the gloves and does alot of dirty work.

    Brad Marchand---B- Play has dipped lately but hard to overlook how valuable he was the first half of the season. Will be a factor come playoff time.

    Andrew Ference--B- Before getting hurt was B's second best d-man behind chara..Needs to stay healthy and wouldnt mind the odd goal here and there.

    Nathan Horton C+--was brought here to score. Since reunited with Lucic and krejci he is getting his chances and some are starting go in. Need more of it. Physical play has picked up.Needs to hit the net more.

    CHris Kelly--C+ Good hard working penalty killer,good on faceoffs. Not sure if this line-up needed another campbell. Shouldn't be on the power play.

    Rich peverly--C  I'll give him more time since he just joined the Bergeron line shown some skill and speed but needs to get more chances.

    Adam McQuaid--C Had a terrific stetch for about 3 weeks now has come back down to to earth last 5 games. Tough steady d-man.

    tomas Kaberle--C- New system, not as much freedom and i think he'lll be huge come playoff time.. Just want more and starting to get impatient.

    Michael Ryder--C- Great size,great shot, great fustration. in the 8-6 win vs MTL was an absolute force. Why don't we see more? have to question his heart.

    Tuuka Rask--C-  Came in as number 1 and lost it the first game in. 4-1 in last 5 starts and will see more playing time as B's try to rest TT. Sporadic play with sporadic playing time. I think theres a connection.

    Shawn Thornton--C- Not a bad start to the season and actually stepped up his offensive production. nothing since. Come playoff time if your enforcer can't chip in a goal or 2 one has to wonder what purpose he serves on a playoff roster.

    Jhonny Boychuk--D+ play has improved of late but he struggled mightily for the first half of the season. Had zero goals with about as many shots on net. Was penciled in on the PP and just now is making his way back..Great shot, needs to get it off.

    Dennis Seidenberg--D To me he is the biggest dissapointment of the season. I wouldnt put him in the offensive d-man category but i didnt expect his numbers to be that dismal either. Has to do more than block shots.

    Daniel Paille--D- In football Parcells would call him a "track star"..Tons of speed but no finish. Has trouble accepting a hard pass. Only value is as a penalty killer.

    Tyler Seguin --Inc...I have a dog who is trained well, take him everywhere I go. Never leaves my side....My buddy has a dog who is either crated or on a short leash...His dog can't handle being with the big dogs at the dog park

    Claude Julien--B-  Would like to see him encourage offensive creativity. Team has more skill than is allowed to show. If your game is basically offensive i.e Kessel-Seguin your not long for his system. The name of the game is score more than your opponent, when you get a lead it's o.k to try and get another one.

    Peter Chiarelli--B The core of the team is much stronger than it was when he took over. Is his fate tied to juliens who's fate might be tied to this years playoff run? Can't say for sure, but if it ends like it did last year you can bet the fans will want someone held accountable. .
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