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Bruins Scoring Predictions

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    Re: Bruins Scoring Predictions

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    None of us will ever agree on all the numbers, but a great thread to pass the time. Here's my shot at it. DK- 18g- 62a= 80pts Bergeron- 25g- 53a= 78pts Horton- 30g- 35a= 65pts Lucic- 35g- 37a= 72pts - If totally healthy Chara- 12g- 42= 54pts Marchand- 22g- 27a= 49pts Seguin- 17g- 25a= 42pts Peverley- 20g- 20a= 40 pts Corvo- 10g- 27a= 37 pts Kelly- 16g- 20a= 36 pts Pouliot will probably pull down "Ryder-Like" numbers, but I am hoping for more. 16g- 16a=32pts I always referred to Ryder as "fools gold". I think we have a less expensive version of this here...I REALLY hope I am wrong. Please remind me and I will proclaim my ignorance and beg forgiveness. :-) As far as our goalies go, I would expect about the career average for our goalies for save% and GAA. Bruins complete the season with 110 points.
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    i think seguin will do better than you predict, but that looks pretty good. 25-35-60 is what i'm predicting for segs
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    Re: Bruins Scoring Predictions

    Krejci: 22-50-72
    Lucic: 29-35-64
    Horton: 31-30-61
    Bergeron: 23-50-73
    Seguin: 22-33-55
    Marchand: 29-33-62
    Kelly: 18-30-48
    Peverly: 21-24-45
    Chara: 16-36-52
    Pouliot: 20-25-45

    Some numbers are a bit of a reach, but hey we can hope right?