man oh man, how bout these dumb contracts so far? geez 4 million a year for kopecky? 2.7 a year for MONTADOR=STIFF! he was a scratch for buffalo in the whats chicago thinking?? 40 million for KRISTEEN ERNHOFF! last seen on the ice turtling and begging mcquad not to hit him for vancouver. wait till he plays the bruins and toronto in the northeast division, the guys gonna have whiplash from turning his head around to see whos coming to paste his face into the glass! I THINK THE B'S SHOULD LET KABBY WALK, maybe re sign ryder if he'll take 3yrs @ 3mill per. bring in kampfer or bsrtkowski or both for d men. leave the cap space open, if teams get off to a slow start next year i think there will be deals to be made before christmas,and the bruins and other teams will have assets ans cap room to do something, do you think if the RANGERS,MONTREAL,COLUMBUS,VANCOUVER ETC ARE GOING TO SIT STILL AND FLUSH THE SEASON AWAY I DOUBT IT, DON'T OVERPAY FOR AVERAGE OR WORSE PLAYERS! look at Carolina they just spent millions on 3  guys did that make them better going into next season??? the hawks traded campbell 7 mil hit right? took back olech @ 3,7 mil for 3 more yrs and signed montador for 2.7 thats 6.4 mil i would rather have kept campbell! at least he won't be in the press box! SMART BRUINS JUST SIGN MARCHAND