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Bruins trade within 48 hours!!!!

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    Re: Bruins trade within 48 hours!!!!

    Dale Tallon is a perfect example of not planning for the future. Dale did it again this summer he has not learned how do you not sign Gudbranson ? Huet, Khabibulin and Campbell are better contracts than Thomas, Savard and Bergeron you have to kidding me.

    Krejci and Rask will come way under 20Mil combined in the summer of 2012 because PC has shown he can bring players in with a low cap hit. Chiarelli made mistakes on the length of Sturm and Ryder's contracts but you won't see him squandering a Gudbranson deal like Tallon.
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    Re: Bruins trade within 48 hours!!!!

    Yes, a trade is coming but the Bruins will not get a roster player in return. It's gonna be picks or prospects.

    The brass views the returns of Savard and Sturm as if they were getting players via trade and they're not entirely wrong about that--it's just a matter of whether those 2 can be effective. By receiving picks instead of roster players they can have more flexibility to sign an impact player to a contract come trade deadline time.

    Anyone expecting a big splash now is going to be sadly disappointed.