Bruins Vs Isles

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    Bruins Vs Isles

    I have to vent here.....

    Bottom line, it has been 3 months since we won back to back games.

    If we cant beat a cellar dwellar, what will we do against real competition in the playoffs.

    Our Power Play (Major Oxy-MORON).... Sux!  We show zero compete, zero skill and zero intensity.  I am totally disgusted.  The best way to describe our power play is PUTRID! 

    The bruins are playing like a team that should be on the golf course in April.

    Based on the play of the last 3 months, we are one and done in the playoffs.... assuming of course we dont totally collapse and lose our next 20 games.

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    Re: Bruins Vs Isles

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