In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

You say that "not resting Chara was a mistake".  I say, "Zdeno Chara is a professional.  He wouldn't let pride get in his way of success."

Do you really think he bobbled the puck because he didn't take a game off the week before?  Do you really think he wouldn't have deflected a puck behind his own goalie if he had watched a game from the press box? 

Stop looking for perfection.  Stop setting yourself up for the "I knew it" and/or the "I told you so".  Stop buffering against disappointment if they should lose.  It's pathetic.

Yes, I am suggesting that Chara may have played too many minutes in too many nights and it is affecting his play.

I suppose maybe I am saying this for all of the reasons you mention above... after all, you know me better than I do.