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Bruins Win VS PENS

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    Bruins Win VS PENS

    They win for Cam and Savvy and because they are a more together team, they have more to play for and a desire to beat a so called more talented team. Pressure is on the Pens and the B's take advantage. Rask is a better G and the B's have the D which wins in playoffs and the Pens feel they should win which is good for the B's. BEAT THESE BOUGHT WANNA BE CHAMPS FOR CAM, SAVVY AND BRUINS FANS EVERTWHERE, GO BRUINS HURT THESE CHUMPS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Bruins Win VS PENS

    Winner of this series is favored to win the cup!!!!!!!!!!

    Bruins in six.