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    B's future bright but can they keep it? *Blog*


    Looking forward to everyones insight. Curious to see many of you putting the GM hat on and expressing how they would approach this team financially over the next couple of years.
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    Re: B's future bright but can they keep it? *Blog*

    Well, he's operating under the idea that "You've only got $9M of space to sign all these guys!" He's wrong. According to CapGeek, assuming the cap were to stay the same, you'd have about $27M in space (without using Savard's LTIR).
    You'd be looking to sign Lucic, Seguin, Horton, Marchand, Caron, Ference, Rask, Khudobin.
    Let's assume Rask gets about $5M, Khudobin about $2.5M, Ference or his replacement about $2.5, and Marchand gets about $4.5. That leaves $13.5 for Lucic, Horton, Seguin, and Caron. Let's assume that Lucic and Horton each pull in $5. That leaves $3.5 for Seguin and Caron... both RFA's.
    Seguin is going to determine who, if anyone, get's moved/no re-signed depending on the season he has. If he has an insane season worthy of $6M+, then he HAS to be the #1 center, and Krejci WILL be traded. If that's the case, and he's traded for, say, picks/prospects, then that leaves you enough room to sign both Seguin and Caron. OR, you could trade Krejci now for someone like Ryan, then let Horton walk, and you end up with the same result.
    Also, this is all assuming that the cap doesn't go up, or that all player contracts aren't slashed under the new CBA, like they were last time (by 22%, I think).

    No matter what, the Bruins are in a manageable spot.