B's need a trade NOW

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    Re: B's need a trade NOW

    you'll never be the GM until you learn how to spell their names
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    Re: B's need a trade NOW

    Shut this troll up already.
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    Re: B's need a trade NOW

    Fix the PP and the wins will come big time.  When Sav is on track he will earn more breathing room from opposition, but his passing is not earning him that room yet.

    The PP against Min, 4, goals 0, 4 shots for and 2 against.

    A PP with the following on the ice is just useless
    Rec past his prime 3:42PP time, averages 2:45PP per night, 5 of 7goals on PP and 3 of 4 of his game winners, not enough produce for 1st line unit, he is slowing down way too much, sorry Rec but he looks like he is skating in quicksand on most shifts.
    Seid 413 Career Games 7PP goals, 4:03PP, 1PPG in 56 Games as a B.
    Ference 609 Career games 8PPG, 1:02PP, 1PPG in 5 years with B's in 222Gm.
    Thorn got 11 seconds but that can be forgiven.
    9Mins of lost time.

    Looking at that, a PP D man looks better and better all the time.  It is time for Cj to quit playing Defensive on the PP and play to score.

    PP goals
    Ryder 7
    Rec   5
    Hort  3
    Berg  3
    Luc   2
    Char  2
    Seg   1
    All the rest are tied for 8th with 0.

    The B's need a PP, I do not see them getting a trade any time soon so Cj better spend his off days on PP's.