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B's Suspensions in this short season

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    Re: B's Suspensions in this short season

    In response to GregorysDaddy's comment:

    So if Shanny does his job in this short season, any suspension will have a big impact on some teams chances of making the playoffs. Last year, the Rodent got that lenient 5 gm suspension for one of his many gutless clips and the B's sputtered badly.

    Even though the B's deserved 10 times the suspensions that they actually got, this could easily be their Waterloo.

    It's really regrettable that Lucic, Chara and the Rodent have used up all their "get out of jail free cards". 





     I dont usually respond but enjoy the reading in these forums, because there is usually some good info.  I must say though you sound like a little girl, so go wash the sand out of your V area. 



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