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B's threw first game.

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    B's threw first game.

    To me the first goal was icing.  Still no idea why it wasn't called, Moore bounced it off glass, Seid swiped at bouncing puck missed and retrieved behind net. 

    Then for sure I knew that the B's were throwing the game. Seide just swatted it to side then threw his stick away went out front and kicked the puck right to Bergen.  Next goal, all the B's let the weakest skating D in TB Clarke have an end to end rush and score.  Next goal, Seid(again-tho his ice wasn't shortened) passes it away from Kab who gives it to Purc to bang away unmolested at goal mouth until it went in.

    Next the B's score Seguin Seguin Seguin, who doesn't see a shift for another 14 minutes and 52 seconds, yes 14:52, even Thorn had 2 shifts during this time.

    Next TB scores on PP, Rec crosses from his side following puck but doesn't pursue making Kelly move to no man's land instead of being where the puck was shot and McQ moves 20' away from net and his man to the circle hash marks and proceeds to be the extra screen on TT.

    Last goal Rec wins draw Krej gives it just enough of a poke for Purc to grab it and give it to Gagn for empty netter.

    Next B's score, Ryder blocks it off, Seg gets it to Boyc and he scores. They promptly get taken off the ice, how dare they and when Luc and Hort take minors they are sent to the box just in case they might think to do such a fool thing again.

    No way is clod that bad a coach, he had to have been, being a sport about it and just spotting the TB a game. clod supporters bite me!lol

    B's will have to actually play in this game, I wish I had counted the shots, no way did Rolo see the shots TT did, because Kab never registered a shot. They must have counted the warmup shots.

    KHL line better be better, then again that counts for the whole team. Kab and McQ were only 2 plus B's.
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    Re: B's threw first game.

    They were too relaxed and rusty after the long layoff, especially Thomas.
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    Re: B's threw first game.

    How many times do you see a team that has rested for a long period of time, come back in their first game and play sub par ?   Lot's....They will find their game.
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    Re: B's threw first game.

    Sure they will find their game, it's ok to have fun with it.

    It is not fun to watch when they don't play tho. 2 losses in 10 games, not bad, 2 more in the next 10 would be better again.
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    Re: B's threw first game.

    They better not throw the 2nd game. These aren't the Canadiens. B's have to be sharper this time around, and tempting fate 2 X in a row going down 0-2 is just too much.

    A convincing win tonight would go a long way to rebuilding the team confidence and sending a message to T-bay that this is going to be their toughest series.