...but HE's the guy who gets paid.

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    Re:...but HE's the guy who gets paid.

    Gretz would have never made the NHL under CJ as he never skated in his own zone, but I guess CJ would still have been right to teach him the game.

    Utter freakin hogwash. Seg had 1 assist in last 19 games, but he was playing well despite clod.
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    Re:...but HE's the guy who gets paid.

    In Response to Re:...but HE's the guy who gets paid.:
    [QUOTE]This, from today's paper is exactly what I am talking about above ^^: "It was said that Dean Smith was the only guy who could hold Michael Jordan below 25 points per game and now we’re wondering what Grady’s [his nickname for Julien] been doing with his top draft pick. The teen angel was buried in series against the Canadiens and Flyers. Julien reluctantly went to the kid only when it was clear Bergeron could not play. " Shaugnessy, while you were ignoring the Bruins, CJ won both those series'. CJ "relucantly" went with Seguin? Surprising to me because I hadn't read anything that suggested any of the other scratches were even considered for Bergy's lineup spot. Thanks for paying attention now, though. Aside from Fluto, KPD, and, occassionally Barbara Mason, none of the hack writers on here know anything about the Bruins and even less about the NHL.
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    Shaughnessy has nothing better to do now that the Celtics are out.
    This arguemnt is on-going on 3-4 other threads.