**CAM** Julien Has To Go

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    Re: **CAM** Julien Has To Go

        How do you know Terry still wants to coach? Seems to me if he did, he would of had a job coaching by now. Hell why not throw in Don Cherry's neame in there while we're at it.
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    Re: **CAM** Julien Has To Go

    First, I wasn't happey when they hired Claude ... but his track record speaks for itself since he's been here ... best record in league three years ago, out in round 2 ... sleeper season last year, up 3-0 in games and in score and out in round 2 ... sleeper season so far this season ... no heart ... no jump ... no effort ... not Bruins hockey ... if he stays we will see more of same ... remember, the definition of insane is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results ... if Bruins keep Claude and expect different results, well, by definition, they are insane.

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    Re: **CAM** Julien Has To Go

    Julien should have been fired last summer, but Chiarelli stood pat. What kind of signal is this? Every other team would have fired their coach after what happened in last season's playoffs. Now everybody knows that mediocrity is acceptable within the Bruins organization; just like Michael Ryder got away with mailing it in last season, nobody will ever hold Julien accountable for the darkest hour in Bruins history. We get a lot of lame excuses instead. Truly not a recipe for success, and worst of all, the players know it too.
    I don't buy the "there's not enough talent" theory. The Bruins have two excellent goaltenders, one who deservedly won the Vezina trophy two years ago (and is the hands-down favorite to win it again in this campaign), and one who should have been rookie of the year last season. They have three very good centermen in Savard, Krejci and Bergeron, plus a more-than-capable fourth-line pivot in Campbell. They have a better-than-average defensive corps, and they have some talented, if inconsistent, wingers.
    What they don't have is a real team captain. I don't know what Chiarelli, Julien (and some of the posters here) see in Zdeno Chara, IMHO he is grossly overpaid. If he was only 6-1 or 6-2 he wouldn't even be on an NHL roster. Booming shot, huge body, long reach - that's it. But Boston has to pay him about 7 mill per season, simply because Chiarelli has a man crush on him. No other team was even willing to dish out that kind of dough for a very limited defenseman, and that's why he doesn't need a no-trade clause - nobody wants him for that money. Chiarelli stubbornly believes that Chara has what it takes to take the Bruins to the Stanley Cup, but one has to wonder what he bases this belief upon: Throughout his NHL career Chara regularly disappeared when the going got rough ( = playoffs), and last season wasn't any different.
    What they also need is a true sniper who's hungry for goals, like Ovechkin, Kovalchuk or Stamkos; they have a premier setup man in Savard plus Krejci and Bergeron who are also quite adept at getting the puck to someone with a killer instinct. Maybe Lucic or Seguin will one day be that kind of goal scorer, Horton and Ryder don't seem to be willing to do what it takes to score 40-50 goals in this league. (Not that I would want a "me first" guy like Kovalchuk on the team, but someone has to step up.)
    I'm not sure if the Bruins would be better off with a true puck-moving defenseman (one who IMHO would deserve the money they're paying for Chara) on their roster, as Julien doesn't want to open up his system for these kind of blueliners.