Cam Neely Can You Hear Us

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    Cam Neely Can You Hear Us

     Cam, this team plays with no heart. Do you sit up in your box & approve of this, they come out flat game after game ,no emotion, all the dopes that post here & give Julien a free pass are crazy. Your Capt. he's 6'9' & doesnt use his size or physical talent to his benifit, wow he starts a fight at the end of the Buffalo game after he gets pushed arond, even hall Still was pushing him around last night. Why not lead the hit parade make someone pay the price coming into the zone, instead after he gets knocked around decides to do something. Ryder is a joke,Cam let him know the Frog Pond is at the Boston Common not T.D. Garden. Julien actually saying on the radio thurs morning, its tough to take Paille out of the line up ,he's a veteran. The Team needs a shake up, all the supporters will say there doing fine ,they have the talent to be a top team in this league & when is the coach or someone going to tell Nathan Horton to stop going through the motions, you can see his reputation for disapearing was right on & with a nitwit  like julien who does'nt take ice time away no matter how bad you play, there's no cause for concern.
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    Re: Cam Neely Can You Hear Us

    Cam will address the situation soon.