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    Re: Camallarie

    He sucks like him - great.

    I think he sucks, and I wouldn't want him on my team if I had a choice.

    We got Johnson playing now and last year we had Mottau - what ? with Bartkowski available ...jeez


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    Re: Camallarie

    In response to uppercut's comment:

    In response to kelvana33's comment:


    Maybe we could trade Thorton, Pieay and Whodobin...Too bad we can't trade Dogavans since we just picked him up..



    Thought i would just ask a question i never thought i would get an imature response
    I dont use spell check like you do its amazing how some people are tough behind their computers, I think their are some great posts on here and would rather read them and contribute then waste my time trying to cut them up


    I screw up on spelling all the time, yours was just kinda tough to let it go by. Just having some fun with ya.