Thanks for another eventful playoff series where we tool around, give you hope, then END YOUR SEASON!

 The Bruins will NEVER WIN ANOTHER STANLEY CUP! LOOOOL!!!! Its close to 40 years and counting, and trust me, it will be another 40 years on top of it! Enjoy watching your LOSER "front office", LOSER choking "coach" and all the LOSER PLAYERS on your team(including that 1st round LOSER BUST Tyler Seguin!!! Another Thornton/Neely type, LOL!).

  Thanks for the great memories you g@y LOSERS!!!!!! Enjoy watching us play in the next round.

   And thanks to the moron scalper who sold me these great rinkside seats at below face value. He didn't realize he gave me the wrong set of tix till it was too late! LOL! Another great memory in this stinkin dump of a city!