We all knew the B's were playing with fire this series not playing with the sense of urgency they needed to throughout...and then there were certainly some things not working in their favor in terms of officiating in particular...  I don't think we can complain about how the final game went where that's concerned, though.  The B's had their chances.  With that admitted, it's still a damn shame for guys like Tim Thomas and I'm sick for Patrice thinking of his chance to pot the series winner.  Overall, the anger I feel over things that's not resting with B's players (who surely feel bad enough whether they deserve to or not) has to be directed at the league and pro sports in general for not protecting its players.  I'm not one who keeps up with the cap particulars but a team with Horton, McQuaid, and Savard is obviously a tougher out (even for the Cappenaccio - soccer reference).  I'm not sure how much hockey watching I have left in me after last night but I'll consider it a decent finale if any team that was never in the Patrick Division wins...  I'll just start reading now and hope someone can manage to soothe us with sweet lies.