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cap space = Stifling!

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    cap space = Stifling!

    I,m sure we all have some random thoughts on the cap & the Bruins current situation. Before the Horton departure the most obviously was trading Peverly. With Horton all but gone,Peverly bein penciled into his slot do you trade him to save 3 mil filling it with a Jared Knight Etc.? How bout Kelly? is Spooner ready? Do you have to blow the team up with numerous moves keeping a core intacted? How about the 7 mil hit in Chara? Mcdonaugh or a Gudbranson for Chara? save 2 there at least, then Peverly or Kelly for a draft pick. Thats a 5 mil turn around. Can you even imagine the sleep PC gets? Glad i,m just out here with my random thoughts!

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