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cap space

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    cap space

    According to Cap Geek, the bruins are  $1.3 over, but they have a full complement of players on the payroll if you set up a 3rd line of Soderberg/Kelly/ Rielly Smith. This also gives them 7 defensemen. They can , of course, use the Savard $4 mil as a buffer, plus the Iginla bonus $$ of 4.2 which we are told could be counted in 2015. The following is what would start the season ::    Lucic/Kreji/Iginla

                       Marchand/ Bergeron/Ericsson

                       Kelly/Soderberg/ R. Smith


    Defense would be ::

                    Chara/Boychuck; Seidenberg/Hamilton; Bartkowski/McQuaid; plus Krug; and goalie Rask/Johnson [?]

    Not too bad since Providence would have Morrow;Fraser; Spooner; Knight; plus. do you think Peter will stay with this, wait for training camp, or make another move ?

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    Re: cap space

    I know everyone loves that fourth line, and I do too, but I feel like Campbell and Paille, deserve third line minutes, would like to see them with Soderberg, and drop Kelly to the fourth, unless they can move him.