In Response to Re: Caron Sent to Providence:
No I don't really believe that pro athletes sit on the couch and eat junk food (except maybe Prince Fielder).  I do however think that Ryder is an incredibly skilled hockey player who at times appears to put forth effort and at other times appears to make none.  Through most of this season it really looked like Ryder was going to have one of the more consistent of his career, but over the last few games he has really appeared to be coasting.  I don't dislike Ryder...for me he is just a hard player to the same way that its hard to watch any highly gifted athlete do less with his talent then you perceive he should (Rasheed Wallace comes to mind).
Posted by TuukkainNet

Fair enough Tuukka, well put.  I agree, sometimes he is hard to watch but so are  Chara, Horton, Bergeron and many of the regulars that wear Black and Gold.  Chara just drives me nuts some nights because, like you say, I expect more from him!!  I think Ryder will have a decent year and he usually plays very well in the playoffs, meaning that the effort is there at least when the second season starts!!