With another great game scores an assist to move into 11th all time scoring for Dmen in Boston.

He is just 26 points behind 10th-MIKE MILBURY(never knew he got any points-must of got a bonus for his shoe trick).LOL

Z after scoring 2 on PP only seen 2PP mins tonight compared to Kamp 5:10(which is ok) and Boych 4:19(trying to get him a goal?). 

Cj must have been trying to change the PP look after last night scoring 2/5 and tonight 2/6, it is working better.  A lot of PP being better, is that Kamp is moving puck and Sav is also moving it better with better puck management.

Side note- with assist Kamp moves into a tie with McQ for 124th all time. In a 90 years in Boston not too many guys scored more than 8 points on the D, alot of traffic through this position. They both need 6 points to crack the 100.