In Response to Chara Vs. The Media:
Hey guys, long time no post... I was watching Joe Haggerty earlier and he was basically complaining and trashing Chara because he shuns the media after tough losses sometimes... Chara has since said he sometimes opts to not talk to the media because he's "in a bad state" after some games so he chooses not to... My question is are you guys more pissed at Chara for not stepping up and talking to the media like some think he should or the media for acting like little girls and making something out of nothing? I personally side with the latter because I don't think Chara is obligated to talk (although I could be wrong) and the media doesn't give a sh*t about Chara or his Captaincy duties, they just want to make sure they have a good story...
Posted by mannyortez3424

I agree with you.The media tries to make trouble where there is none.